The Hollway Family | Chimney Tops Picnic Area | Gatlinburg, TN Photographer

I had quite an adventure with this family. This was my 2nd time going to Chimney Tops Picnic area. You don’t have any cell phone service once you pass the Sugarlands Visitor center so I told Lynn to meet me at the Visitor Center. I got there a little early, and sat in my car, I notice a truck she described to be her’s go by the visitor center, I wasn’t for sure if that was them so I waited longer. It was then 15 mins past our meeting time, so I figured I would head to the picnic area, just in case they went on. I go and circle the area and don’t see them, so I start heading back to the visitor center and there they are. On the side of the road, and Lynn is trying to call me. I make a u-turn and wave them down. YAY!! We found each other. So from all that I learned, I must meet the families where there is cell phone service.

They followed me to the Picnic area. It was a beautiful morning. The river was high and the water looked great. We headed down into the deep part of the woods, but the rocks were pretty slippery so we started off our photos in the woods.


Chimney-Tops-Picnic-Area-Family-Photographer-Greenbriar-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Knoxville-1 Chimney-Tops-Picnic-Area-Family-Photographer-Greenbriar-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Knoxville-2 Chimney-Tops-Picnic-Area-Family-Photographer-Greenbriar-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Knoxville-3 Chimney-Tops-Picnic-Area-Family-Photographer-Greenbriar-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Knoxville-4

We then venture down the trail and find a great area they can sit. The rocks were still slippery and it took some time to get down into the stream, but they did it and looked great!

Chimney-Tops-Picnic-Area-Family-Photographer-Greenbriar-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Knoxville-5 Chimney-Tops-Picnic-Area-Family-Photographer-Greenbriar-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Knoxville-6 Chimney-Tops-Picnic-Area-Family-Photographer-Greenbriar-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Knoxville-7 Chimney-Tops-Picnic-Area-Family-Photographer-Greenbriar-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Knoxville-8 Chimney-Tops-Picnic-Area-Family-Photographer-Greenbriar-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Knoxville-9 Chimney-Tops-Picnic-Area-Family-Photographer-Greenbriar-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Knoxville-10 Chimney-Tops-Picnic-Area-Family-Photographer-Greenbriar-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Knoxville-11

So, after our adventure getting into the rocks, poor dad falls not only once but twice! He laughed and it got us to laugh! It couldn’t have happened to a better family. They were so much fun and cracking jokes constantly. I really felt like I knew them for years.


Right down the road, heading back home there is a mountain view overlook we stopped at real quick to get a few mountain view shots.


Chimney-Tops-Picnic-Area-Family-Photographer-Greenbriar-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Knoxville-12 Chimney-Tops-Picnic-Area-Family-Photographer-Greenbriar-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Knoxville-13

Like I said, this was a blast to do! I love when families just relax and have fun!! The adventures we experienced would have put some people in bad moods, but this family turned it into a memory!

Thanks for allowing me to be your photographer and I hope you guys had a great vacation!