Wrett turns One Year | Heritage Park | Chattanooga, TN

I have had the honor of photographing Wrett since he was 3 months old.  He is such a sweet little boy.  I traveled down to Chattanooga to photograph him and we went this cute park named Heritage Park.  It was filled with people this day because of the nice weather, but Wrett did great! He was all smiles! I can’t believe he is already one! I don’t even have kids and I think they grow up fast!

Chattanooga_TN_Family_Photographer_Heritage_Park_1 Chattanooga_TN_Family_Photographer_Heritage_Park Chattanooga_TN_Heritage_Park_Family_Photographer Chattanooga_TN_Family_Photographer_Heritage_Park_2 Chattanooga_TN_Photographers_kids_Heritage_Park Family_Photographers_In_Chattanooga_TN children_Photographer_in_Chattanooga_TN_Heritage_Park Chattanooga_TN_Birthday_Photographer_Heritage_Park