Trevin proposes to his girlfriend Sabrinia | Cahouns | Downtown Gatlinburg, TN Photographer

Trevin and Sabrinia have been dating for only 4 months. They planned a fun get away in the Smokies. The night they arrived he had reservations at Calhouns. Sabrinia thought this was just a fun night out, but little did she know Trevin had something else in mind

He called and asked the manager to help him out with the proposal. He had one waiter to come out and set flowers on the table then immediately another waiter placed 2 glasses and champagne. Sabrinia had no idea what was going on, but then the manager gave her the desert that said “Will You Marry Me”

marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-1 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-2 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-3 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-4 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-5 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-6 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-7 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-8 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-9 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-10 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-11

Sabrina couldn’t believe all this was happening. She was so happy!! She told him that she wanted her proposal captured and was very happy to know a photographer was there to capture the moment.


There is a beautiful area right behind the restaurants that we took some engagement pictures. She still couldn’t believe all this was happening!! He brought her a change of clothes and had all this planned out! He was totally sneaky, but she LOVED it!

marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-14 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-15 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-16 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-17 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-18 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-19 marriage-proposal-in-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-Calhouns-Smoky-Mountains-20

I hope you guys plan the best wedding ever and have a blessed marriage!! Thank you so much for letting me capture your engagement!