WOW! What an incredible event! This wonderful couple has been married for 63 years. They have 5 children together and lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren. Their wonderful kids got together to spend a week together in the smoky mountains. Little did their parents know that their kids had something else up their sleeves.

As a surprise to their parents, they threw them an anniversary party. They walked into a gorgeous ballroom at the Hilton Garden Inn to celebrate and honor them. The expression on their faces were of shock and appreciation.


Hilton-Garden-Inn-Knoxville-Gatlinburg-Anniversary-family-Photographer-event-candid picture-surprise-party-1 Hilton-Garden-Inn-Knoxville-Gatlinburg-Anniversary-family-Photographer-event-candid picture-surprise-party-2

These lovebirds kept kissing each other. I finally had to ask them to look at me to get a shot of their faces. 🙂 They are such sweethearts. I could feel the love from them.

Hilton-Garden-Inn-Knoxville-Gatlinburg-Anniversary-family-Photographer-event-candid picture-surprise-party-3

These families came from all over the United States for this family reunion. I tried to grab a quick picture of the families at their tables.

Hilton-Garden-Inn-Knoxville-Gatlinburg-Anniversary-family-Photographer-event-candid picture-surprise-party-4 Hilton-Garden-Inn-Knoxville-Gatlinburg-Anniversary-family-Photographer-event-candid picture-surprise-party-5 Hilton-Garden-Inn-Knoxville-Gatlinburg-Anniversary-family-Photographer-event-candid picture-surprise-party-6

Here they are with their 5 children. Each child told stories of their childhood. It was very apparent that they had a great childhood.

Hilton-Garden-Inn-Knoxville-Gatlinburg-Anniversary-family-Photographer-event-candid picture-surprise-party-7 Hilton-Garden-Inn-Knoxville-Gatlinburg-Anniversary-family-Photographer-event-candid picture-surprise-party-8 Hilton-Garden-Inn-Knoxville-Gatlinburg-Anniversary-family-Photographer-event-candid picture-surprise-party-9

Each child came up to the front with a presentation. Some had pictures with stories, one told the story of how their parents met, another wanted to sing songs he remembered singing as a child,songs such as “Junior Birdman” and “Dear Henry Dear Liza”, the whole group joined in. They also showed them the face they use to make while singing it.

Hilton-Garden-Inn-Knoxville-Gatlinburg-Anniversary-family-Photographer-event-candid picture-surprise-party-10 Hilton-Garden-Inn-Knoxville-Gatlinburg-Anniversary-family-Photographer-event-candid picture-surprise-party-11 Hilton-Garden-Inn-Knoxville-Gatlinburg-Anniversary-family-Photographer-event-candid picture-surprise-party-12


It was a great way for the kids to honor their parents and for the grandkids of the younger generations to hear all the stories that make them who they are today. I know I had a GREAT time listening and capturing all these special memories. I wish you guys another 63 years of happiness. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this.