So this is a blog post I am excited to post. It combines my love for photography and my husband’s passion for magic. Yes, my husband is a real magician! He has been into magic since he was a little boy and it has carried with him to his adult years. He even proposed to me during a huge magic show at the Paramount theater in Bristol.

We both grew up in the Bristol/ Johnson City area but later moved to the Knoxville/ Gatlinburg area. Ryan has stayed great friends with his friend Amber. She wanted her daughter to have a magic birthday party and decided to hire Ryan for their magician for the party!

We headed back to our hometown to perform. The party was at the Raceday Tower across from the Bristol Motor Speedway. She had a great amount of kids come to her party! They played games, ate cake and of course watched a magic show.


magic birthday party with magician

Ryan performed for 30-45 mins. The kids got involved in the magic tricks and sat there amazed at the show. I have to say, even the adults were entertained.

magician-birthday-party-kids-Ryan-Robinette-Bristol-TN-Knoxville-Sevierville-Seymour-Kingsport-Johnson-City-Jonesborough-Maryville-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Photographer-1 magician-birthday-party-kids-Ryan-Robinette-Bristol-TN-Knoxville-Sevierville-Seymour-Kingsport-Johnson-City-Jonesborough-Maryville-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Photographer-2 magician-birthday-party-kids-Ryan-Robinette-Bristol-TN-Knoxville-Sevierville-Seymour-Kingsport-Johnson-City-Jonesborough-Maryville-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Photographer-3 magician-birthday-party-kids-Ryan-Robinette-Bristol-TN-Knoxville-Sevierville-Seymour-Kingsport-Johnson-City-Jonesborough-Maryville-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Photographer-4 magician-birthday-party-kids-Ryan-Robinette-Bristol-TN-Knoxville-Sevierville-Seymour-Kingsport-Johnson-City-Jonesborough-Maryville-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Photographer-5 magician-birthday-party-kids-Ryan-Robinette-Bristol-TN-Knoxville-Sevierville-Seymour-Kingsport-Johnson-City-Jonesborough-Maryville-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Photographer-6 magician-birthday-party-kids-Ryan-Robinette-Bristol-TN-Knoxville-Sevierville-Seymour-Kingsport-Johnson-City-Jonesborough-Maryville-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Photographer-7

At the end of the show, he even had the birthday girl, float in the air. She really enjoyed that!! We had a great time seeing the kids and meeting everyone there. Cara had a great party! She is growing up, way to fast! 🙁


If you are interested in hiring my awesome and talented husband, just contact me and I can get you more information…I get all his money anyways 😉