Jennifer and Micha are coming to Gatlinburg to spend some time with their family and get away! Their first day in the smokies, they scheduled a session with me. They were late getting checked into the cabin so had to hurry up and change at a gas station before they met up with me.
I had a busy day myself with a family session that morning and a wedding in the afternoon. This was my last session of the day. When you go to Chimney Tops picnic area there is no cell phone service at least 7 miles away!
When we arrive, I start talking to them and get my camera out of the trunk and we head to the water to start pictures. As soon as we start I realize I left my flash in the car but I really didn’t need it but since we are walking back towards the car I stop and grab it from the trunk. We then go on with the session moving around the park and taking pictures with the leaves and trees. I ask if they would like to go to a Mountain Overlook to take some pictures with the mountains. They kindly say yes they would love to. I go to put my camera in the car and realize I don’t have my key on me. I remember getting down low on the ground for a few photos so I go back to the wooded area and start looking for my keys. I don’t see them and then see a park ranger cleaning some of the restrooms. I stop and ask him what I should do because I think I locked my keys in the car, he then tells me that he would probably have to call another park ranger or call a locksmith. The park ranger that usually does it is already is off so he has to call a locksmith. I say yes that’s what we should do.

I get in the car with the couple and we ride down the road to take some photos with the mountains, They were so nice!! They drove me back to Chimney Tops and offered me a drink and we chatted for a while, I let them look at their photos on my camera and we are sitting on the picnic table. It’s about to get dark we get a little spooked by the Bears and leaves that keep falling on us so we end up going back into the car to sit. Finally the locksmith comes to unlock my car. He gets my car to unlock and my key is not in the trunk!!! I am freaking out!! I don’t know what to do??? Where in the world is my key?? AND I’m out $125 for a locksmith to come FOR NOTHING!
Then me and the couple and one of the locksmith guys are walking around where we think the key might’ve fell, after searching for 10 minutes I finally found it next to a tree that I remember sitting down on I don’t know what in the world I would’ve done being if the couple I photographed left before I was ready to go and being close to sunset in the dark with no cell phone service. That is super scary to think about. I also very rarely see a park ranger!! I know that God was watching over me. I just wish he would’ve showed me where the key was before I called the locksmith ????
HUGE THANK YOU TO JENNIFER AND MICAH for waiting with me!! I am so glad they were awesome! Here are the photos!! Sorry for rambling but this was an adventures session!

couple-photographer-chimney-tops-picnic-area-smoky-mountains-gatlinburg-pigeon-forge-seviervile-knoxville-townsend-tennessee-anniversary_0036 couple-photographer-chimney-tops-picnic-area-smoky-mountains-gatlinburg-pigeon-forge-seviervile-knoxville-townsend-tennessee-anniversary_0037 couple-photographer-chimney-tops-picnic-area-smoky-mountains-gatlinburg-pigeon-forge-seviervile-knoxville-townsend-tennessee-anniversary_0038 couple-photographer-chimney-tops-picnic-area-smoky-mountains-gatlinburg-pigeon-forge-seviervile-knoxville-townsend-tennessee-anniversary_0039 couple-photographer-chimney-tops-picnic-area-smoky-mountains-gatlinburg-pigeon-forge-seviervile-knoxville-townsend-tennessee-anniversary_0040 couple-photographer-chimney-tops-picnic-area-smoky-mountains-gatlinburg-pigeon-forge-seviervile-knoxville-townsend-tennessee-anniversary_0041 couple-photographer-chimney-tops-picnic-area-smoky-mountains-gatlinburg-pigeon-forge-seviervile-knoxville-townsend-tennessee-anniversary_0042 couple-photographer-chimney-tops-picnic-area-smoky-mountains-gatlinburg-pigeon-forge-seviervile-knoxville-townsend-tennessee-anniversary_0043 couple-photographer-chimney-tops-picnic-area-smoky-mountains-gatlinburg-pigeon-forge-seviervile-knoxville-townsend-tennessee-anniversary_0044 couple-photographer-chimney-tops-picnic-area-smoky-mountains-gatlinburg-pigeon-forge-seviervile-knoxville-townsend-tennessee-anniversary_0045 couple-photographer-chimney-tops-picnic-area-smoky-mountains-gatlinburg-pigeon-forge-seviervile-knoxville-townsend-tennessee-anniversary_0046 couple-photographer-chimney-tops-picnic-area-smoky-mountains-gatlinburg-pigeon-forge-seviervile-knoxville-townsend-tennessee-anniversary_0047