When their daughter Kristi emailed me she told me that her father suffered a massive stroke 12 years ago and her mother has stayed by his side as his sole caretaker. She said “The commitment it takes to make it 40 years is amazing, but their story really is special.” As a gift to their parents they surprised their mom and dad with having a photo shoot to celebrate their anniversary while the whole family was together.

We went out to Emerts Cove covered bridge to do their family photos. They are such a sweet couple and I am so happy I was able to help capture this milestone in their marriage.

I hope you guys had a great time together as a family and I hope they have many more happy years together!

-Sarah-Smoky-Mountains-TN-Family-Photographer-reunion-kids-photography-emerts Cove-photos-pictures-Pigeon-Forge-Tennessee-1 Smoky-Mountains-TN-Family-Photographer-reunion-kids-photography-emerts Cove-photos-pictures-Pigeon-Forge-Tennessee-2 Smoky-Mountains-TN-Family-Photographer-reunion-kids-photography-emerts Cove-photos-pictures-Pigeon-Forge-Tennessee-3 Smoky-Mountains-TN-Family-Photographer-reunion-kids-photography-emerts Cove-photos-pictures-Pigeon-Forge-Tennessee-4 Smoky-Mountains-TN-Family-Photographer-reunion-kids-photography-emerts Cove-photos-pictures-Pigeon-Forge-Tennessee-5 Smoky-Mountains-TN-Family-Photographer-reunion-kids-photography-emerts Cove-photos-pictures-Pigeon-Forge-Tennessee-6 Smoky-Mountains-TN-Family-Photographer-reunion-kids-photography-emerts Cove-photos-pictures-Pigeon-Forge-Tennessee-7 Smoky-Mountains-TN-Family-Photographer-reunion-kids-photography-emerts Cove-photos-pictures-Pigeon-Forge-Tennessee-8