I headed out to the Pinnacle Vista Lodge this morning to photograph this growing family. They wanted to have their session at their cabin, They had a great view of the mountains, unfortunately, they had such a large family and a narrow deck that it made it a little difficult for me to get the full group. I had to do some improvising and shoot through their window for the large group one.

They were super sweet and so flexible. I think I got some great shots of everyone! I hope you all had a great visit with one another and can get together more often!



Pinnacle-Visa Lodge-Family-Photographer-Gatlinburg-TN-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky-Mountains-1 Pinnacle-Visa Lodge-Family-Photographer-Gatlinburg-TN-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky-Mountains-2 Pinnacle-Visa Lodge-Family-Photographer-Gatlinburg-TN-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky-Mountains-3 Pinnacle-Visa Lodge-Family-Photographer-Gatlinburg-TN-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky-Mountains-4 Pinnacle-Visa Lodge-Family-Photographer-Gatlinburg-TN-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky-Mountains-5 Pinnacle-Visa Lodge-Family-Photographer-Gatlinburg-TN-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky-Mountains-6 Pinnacle-Visa Lodge-Family-Photographer-Gatlinburg-TN-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky-Mountains-7 Pinnacle-Visa Lodge-Family-Photographer-Gatlinburg-TN-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky-Mountains-8 Pinnacle-Visa Lodge-Family-Photographer-Gatlinburg-TN-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky-Mountains-9