This family was long overdue for family pictures and they were determined to get them! The family drove down for the day from Chattanooga to have me to photograph them. I was really excited to do them but the day we picked gave us every reason in the world not to do it. The clouds looked like it would pour down rain any minute, it was windy, cool outside and to top it all, there was a car show going on in Pigeon Forge, where we was scheduled to do the pictures. If you have never been to Pigeon Forge when there is a car show, don’t even bother. It takes hours to go just a mile. Luckily we knew some back roads and met up with half of them and poor Brittany was stuck in traffic, it took her 30 mins to go 1/2 a mile. After we all make it to Patriot park, things went great! The weather was great and it never did rain. We all had a great time, acting silly and making memories!! I hope you guys love your pictures!! I know we worked hard to get them!

Patriot_Park_Pigeon_Forge_Gatlinburg_Family_Photographer_pictures_photos Family_Photographer_Session_Pigeon_Forge_TN_Gatlinburg_Patriot_Park Family_Photographers_in_Pigeon_Forge_Gatlinburg_TN_Pictures_kids_Photography Pigeon_Forge_Family_Photographer_Gatlinburg_TN_Kids_Patriot_Park Pigeon_Forge_Gatlinburg_TN_Sevierville_Patriot_Park_Family_Photographer