Today I got a call from a man named Tareq and said his in laws was in town for just a few more days from a country outside of India and has a 2 week old newborn baby. He wanted to get the pictures done as soon as possible so his family drove up to Pigeon Forge and stayed in a cabin in Gatlinburg for the weekend. I got to get some cute pictures of their cute little baby girl named Sabeen. After we got done with the pictures, the mom asked if her husband could take a picture of me holding the baby. She wanted to add it to her scrapbook. I felt so honored. I loved to hold babies!! 

Pigeon_Forge_Gatlinburg_Family_Photographer_newborn-baby-Pictures-Patriot_Park Newborn_baby-family-Photographer-Pigeon_Forge-Gatlinburg_Patriot-Park Baby_Newborn_Photographer-Family-Pictures-Patriot-Park-Pigeon_Forge-Gatlinburg Baby-Newborn_Photographer-family-Pictures-Pigeon_Forge-Gatlinburg-Patriot_Park Indian_Family_Photographer-baby-Newborn_Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Patriot_Park_TN Indian_Photographer-Pigeon_Forge-TN_Gatlinburg_baby-newborn-family-pictures Newborn_baby-Family-Indian-Photographer_Pigeon_Forge_Gatlinburg_TN_Patriot_Park Family-Indian-Photographer-newborn-baby-Pigeon_Forge-Gatlinburg-TN_Patriot-Park