I have been so excited to see this fun group of people. Tiffany has been in touch with me for over a month trying to plan a trip out to Knoxville to get some photos done.  We finally had a beautiful day out in Market Square to take some family photos.

We started off around the graffiti wall and had so much fun. It was fun to catch up with them and see how they are all doing.

downtown-Knoxville-Market-Square-Family-Photographer-Photo-Shoot-1 downtown-Knoxville-Market-Square-Family-Photographer-Photo-Shoot-2 downtown-Knoxville-Market-Square-Family-Photographer-Photo-Shoot-3 downtown-Knoxville-Market-Square-Family-Photographer-Photo-Shoot-4 downtown-Knoxville-Market-Square-Family-Photographer-Photo-Shoot-5

They also were very excited to share their big news!


I am so excited for them!!

downtown-Knoxville-Market-Square-Family-Photographer-Photo-Shoot-6 downtown-Knoxville-Market-Square-Family-Photographer-Photo-Shoot-7 downtown-Knoxville-Market-Square-Family-Photographer-Photo-Shoot-8 downtown-Knoxville-Market-Square-Family-Photographer-Photo-Shoot-9 downtown-Knoxville-Market-Square-Family-Photographer-Photo-Shoot-10 downtown-Knoxville-Market-Square-Family-Photographer-Photo-Shoot-11 downtown-Knoxville-Market-Square-Family-Photographer-Photo-Shoot-12

We had a great session and I am so happy you guys asked me to take your family photos! It means a lot! Congratulations and I can’t wait to meet the new baby!!