I met this family, this time last year. They come to Gatlinburg every year to visit the Smoky Mountains. Since they are from Florida, they wanted their family photos to be different from what they see everyday.

We went out to Noah Bud Ogle Place in Gatlinburg. The leaves were awesome. It was a little chilly, but I am sure very cold for them. I got some great shots, that took some work. The sweet little girl, was in a bad mood and wanted to be held by mom all the time, but luckily with some prayer and patience I did get what I was hoping to!

Thank you guys for allowing me to be apart of your family vacation and being your photographer these past couple of years. I hope to see you again!!


Gatlinburg-TN-Family-Photographer-at Noah-Bud_Ogle-Place-Kids-Pigeon-Forge-Sevierville-Wears-Valley-Smoky-Mountains-1 Gatlinburg-TN-Family-Photographer-at Noah-Bud_Ogle-Place-Kids-Pigeon-Forge-Sevierville-Wears-Valley-Smoky-Mountains-2 Gatlinburg-TN-Family-Photographer-at Noah-Bud_Ogle-Place-Kids-Pigeon-Forge-Sevierville-Wears-Valley-Smoky-Mountains-3 Gatlinburg-TN-Family-Photographer-at Noah-Bud_Ogle-Place-Kids-Pigeon-Forge-Sevierville-Wears-Valley-Smoky-Mountains-4 Gatlinburg-TN-Family-Photographer-at Noah-Bud_Ogle-Place-Kids-Pigeon-Forge-Sevierville-Wears-Valley-Smoky-Mountains-5 Gatlinburg-TN-Family-Photographer-at Noah-Bud_Ogle-Place-Kids-Pigeon-Forge-Sevierville-Wears-Valley-Smoky-Mountains-6 Gatlinburg-TN-Family-Photographer-at Noah-Bud_Ogle-Place-Kids-Pigeon-Forge-Sevierville-Wears-Valley-Smoky-Mountains-7 Gatlinburg-TN-Family-Photographer-at Noah-Bud_Ogle-Place-Kids-Pigeon-Forge-Sevierville-Wears-Valley-Smoky-Mountains-8