This will be my 3rd time photographing this Florida family. They come to the Smokies about this time every year. Their kids have grown so much. They are getting taller and cuter each year. This year we went to Patriot Park to take some family photos, then we headed over to the Christmas Place Inn to get some with their beautiful trees in the hotel.  The kids loved sitting with a book next to the fire. I love how the photos came out. Thank you guys for using me as your photographer each year. I hope to see you again next year 😉


Pigeon-Forge-Family-Photographer-photos-Patriot-Park-Kids-tourists-photos-pictures-photo-shoot-1 Pigeon-Forge-Family-Photographer-photos-Patriot-Park-Kids-tourists-photos-pictures-photo-shoot-2 Pigeon-Forge-Family-Photographer-photos-Patriot-Park-Kids-tourists-photos-pictures-photo-shoot-3 Pigeon-Forge-Family-Photographer-photos-Patriot-Park-Kids-tourists-photos-pictures-photo-shoot-4 Pigeon-Forge-Family-Photographer-photos-Patriot-Park-Kids-tourists-photos-pictures-photo-shoot-5 Pigeon-Forge-Family-Photographer-photos-Patriot-Park-Kids-tourists-photos-pictures-photo-shoot-6 Pigeon-Forge-Family-Photographer-photos-Patriot-Park-Kids-tourists-photos-pictures-photo-shoot-7