As your children get older and start to have their own families. It becomes harder to get together and spend time together. Since the whole family was together, they decided to update their family photos while out in the Smoky Mountains (in between all the fun they were having )

I know of a great mountain view out in Pigeon Forge. Who knows how long it will be available with the land for sale, but for this session it worked out. We kept laughing due to the winds being so crazy that morning. It was hard, but we got some great photos in between the breezes.

After we went to the mountains, we headed to Patriot Park. A Beautiful mill and waterfall are right next to the Old Mill Resturant.  After our photos there the family could begin their day with Breakfast at the Old Mill.

I hope you had a wonderful time together making memories and enjoying your vacations. Thanks for letting me capture your families.