I am a family photographer in the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area and I go into the smoky mountains a lot to do photography for families. I recently went to a cabin way up in the mountains to photograph a family in their beautiful cabin. After I got done with the session, I headed just half a mile down the road. I came upon a car sitting in the middle of the road and was wondering what they were doing. I then see a bear digging through the trash.

I saw the mother bear and then I noticed her baby cubs were following her. I started taking picture and since my camera does video as well, I did get a video of the bear taking the trash out of the container and running away with it.

It was so amazing to watch. I have lived here for awhile and this was my first time seeing a bear that close in the wild. I hope you enjoy the pictures, because I enjoyed watching them.

I do hope they go back into the woods more and find different food.

Thanks, ENJOY!



smoky-mountain-bears-photography-photographer-see-spot-wildlife-baby-cubs-mother-trash-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-digging-black smoky-mountain-bears-photography-photographer-see-spot-wildlife-baby-cubs-mother-trash-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-digging-black-2 smoky-mountain-bears-photography-photographer-see-spot-wildlife-baby-cubs-mother-trash-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-digging-black-3 smoky-mountain-bears-photography-photographer-see-spot-wildlife-baby-cubs-mother-trash-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-digging-black-4 smoky-mountain-bears-photography-photographer-see-spot-wildlife-baby-cubs-mother-trash-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-digging-black-5 smoky-mountain-bears-photography-photographer-see-spot-wildlife-baby-cubs-mother-trash-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-digging-black-6 smoky-mountain-bears-photography-photographer-see-spot-wildlife-baby-cubs-mother-trash-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-digging-black-7 smoky-mountain-bears-photography-photographer-see-spot-wildlife-baby-cubs-mother-trash-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-digging-black-8 smoky-mountain-bears-photography-photographer-see-spot-wildlife-baby-cubs-mother-trash-Gatlinburg-Pigeon-Forge-digging-black-9