Now that we own our home, we can make it our own! That is exciting and scary at the same time. When we bought the house we knew some of the improvements we wanted to make, but as we started working on it our ideas became bigger and better.

When I saw the fireplace I thought it was nice, but we have a big screen TV that I wasn’t sure if it could fit above the fireplace – the mantel was pretty high. Our original idea was just to take off the black tile and put stone in it’s place.



My husband worked hard on taking the mantel off and it came down pretty fast.


I remember being upstairs and Ryan told me to come down and look, but not to freak out. That is never a good thing. Here is what he did!


We then decided to put some stone on the fireplace and make it go all the way to the top. Ryan had to do all the wiring for the TV.


We installed baker board so the stones could stay in place.

We have power!!! Ryan was very prod of himself!


We ran all our cords through the walls so it would look cleaner.


I found some scriptures to write on the backer board.




The before and after of our fireplace is fantastic. We used desert quartz stone from Lowe’s. Our tile was Ivetta white from Lowes as well.

The fireplace looks great! Now we have laminate to install, walls to paint and the kitchen to finish! Stay tuned!!