Sophia’s First Birthday Party | Rotary Park | Johnson City, TN

Sophia is so cute and just turned one year! She had her birthday party at the Rotary Park in Johnson City. Her daddy is in Kuwait, in the military and wasn’t able to be with her in person but with the help of this day in age technology and Skype, he was able to watch through the computer, as she ate her cupcake and opened her presents. Sophia got so many presents and had such a great turn out with her family and friends there. The theme of the party was zebra print and pink. The day was hot but everyone had such a great time and I know I did. I wish Sophia many more birthdays to come!

Also, to see more pictures from her day,check out Sophia’s Birthday slideshow

Johnson_City_Jonesborough_Kingsport_TN_Bristol_Tri_Cities_Birthday_Party_Photographer_Photography Birthday_Party_Photographers_In_Johnson_City_Jonesborough_Kingsport_Bristol_Rotary_Park Rotary_Park_Birthday_Party_Photographers_in_Johnson_City_tri_Cities_TN_Elizabethton Rotary_Park_Birthday_Party_Photographer_Pictures_Family_Session_Johnson_CIty_Jonesborough_TN Birthday_Party_Kids_Pictures_Photographer_Tri_Cities_TN_Johnson_City_Jonesborough_East Birthday_Party_Johnson_City_Photographer_Kids_Session_Rotary_Park_Cake Rotary_Park_Johnson_City_TN_Birthday_Party_cake Johnson_City_TN_Kids_Birthday_Party_Cake_presents_gift_Rotary_Park_Tri_Cities_TN Johnson_City_Jonesborough_Kingsport_Bristol_tri_Cities_TN_Kids_Birthday_Party_Photographer Johnson_City_Birthday_Party_Photographer_Roatry_Park_Photography Johnson_City_Roatary_Park_Birthday_Party_cake_Photographer_Photography Johnson_City_Family_Photographer_Kids_Birthday_Party_Cake_Balloons_Jonesborough