I have noticed that during the month of November, my friends on Facebook will post one thing each day that they are thankful for. I decided to do it all at once!

1- Thankful for being a child of God! I don’t have to serve God, but I choose to! He loves me unconditionally and forgives me daily for all my sins!  I strive everyday to serve him, love others and show his love.

2- My husband, Ryan. We are perfect together! I prayed very hard to God and asked him to send the right guy to me and he definitely gave me a winner. I love you!

I am thankful for my husband

3- My Dad– He has such a kind heart and helps us out so much! He is always there for us and gives us great advice. He is funny too! I don’t know what I would do without him.

I am thankful for dad

4- My Mom– She is my best friend. We hang out a lot, we love to shop, do activities together and have fun! She always listens. She is very thoughtful and caring to others. She always looks for the good in people and in situations.


5-My Dogs- Macks and Trixie. They keep me company and are so funny. We got Trixies 2 months after we got married and then Macks came along 3 years later. I love them so much!

I am thankful for my dogs

6- Friends- I have been truly blessed by wonderful friends growing up and now. I had amazing church friends, school friends, work friends, and new friends. They all have made an impact on my life!

I am thankful for friends

I am thankful for friends-1

7-Living in America- I love my country! Our freedom is so important and our country is blessed!

8- My rabbits- Zoe, Bella and Oreo- I got Zoe and Bella earlier this year and I have had Oreo for a couple of years. They are all interesting to watch. They keep it interesting here.

I am thankful for my rabbits

9-My Church- I am thankful to go to an amazing church with great people. We just opened up a 2nd campus in South Knoxville. Our church is growing and I am happy to be apart of it.

Pathways church south knox

10- My business I am truly grateful to make memories for people and to share a part in their lives. I am obsessed with photography. I love to come up with ideas, I enjoy editing and going out to meet new families. This is a DREAM!


I am thankful for my job

11-Life- I am thankful God put me on this Earth.

12-Chocolate- I love sweets and Chocolate is a weakness of mine!

13-Vacation-I am thankful I can afford to go on vacation and I am thankful of all the places I have been!

I am thankful for vacation

14-My happiness- I am thankful for a happy spirit. I am a genuine and happy person! I try not to sweat the small stuff!

15-My phone– What would I do without my phone?!?

16-God’s Peace– When things don’t go my way or when I get stressed out. I am thankful God gives me peace and helps me though things!

17-My Childhood– I had a wonderful Childhood. I had great friends, great family, I didn’t go through much heartache and I am thankful for that!

I am thankful for my childhood

18-My sister– My sister is my dad’s daughter. We lived 4 hours away from each other and plus she is 12 years older than me. We didn’t reconnect till after my wedding. We have had some fun times together and lots of catching up! Now we only live an hour and a half from each other.

I am thankful for my sister

19-My Brother- He is a mess and super funny! I enjoy spending time with him. We are very different but so much alike. I enjoy when he comes to visit me and having funny conversations. We definitely have great memories together!

I am thankful for my brother

20-My family- I love all of my family. My nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins. I don’t get to see them as much as I wish. Growing up I loved going to my Aunt’s for Christmas eve, going to Missouri and playing with all my cousins. Oh the good ol days!


21-The Military- I am thankful for all the men and woman who serve our country. They have sacrificed so much for us to be safe. My dad served in the Vietnam War. This is him when he was young!

I am thankful for my dad serving in the military

22- My Health- I am so happy and thankful to have my health. I haven’t been sick at all this year! You don’t realize how much you take for granted when you are not able to get out of bed or can’t even swallow due to a sore throat.

23-Dr Pepper! That is the best drink ever!

24-Laughter! I love to laugh. I find some of the smallest things funny.

25-Communication– I am so happy I live in a generation of cell phones, internet, email, ect. I can’t imagine not being able to talk to my family and friends on a daily basis.

26- I am able to give- I love to help others when I can. I am very thankful to have plenty to bless many!

27-Sleep- When I don’t get to sleep, I am a grumpy ol bear. I love sleeping and I love to have my cuddle partner too when I take naps!

I am thankful for sleep

28- To Be another year older- On Nov 28th I turn 29! I am getting closer to 30 and when I do hit 30 I will freak out, but I am happy to have another year on this Earth.

29- Shopping- I love to shop! I am thankful I have the money to shop. Even if it is yard sale. thrift stores, or black friday shopping.

30- Every Single day– I am thankful for each day God wakes me up and give me a fresh start. There is so much to be thankful and everyday is a blessing.

Thanks for reading! If I didn’t mention you or didn’t include a picture, please don’t get mad and know that I love you!