All year I have collected some funny photos from all the sessions I have done over this year. I always give my clients all of their photos, but I will delete photos that are duplicates, blurry, someone blinked or it is just all over BAD!

This cute little boy I have photographed before. He is so funny and wanted to see the photo right away after I took it. Unfortunately, he gave me the typical fake smile and looking down. Not a good luck buddy haha! He was such a mess..

Please don’t look at me OR smile…

I couldn’t coordinate a looking up photo so this will do!

Grandma, you’re a little to close! 

Please hide me from this Camera lady!

When I said, “Thow the leaves” I didn’t mean like a crazy person. The dog is the only one photo ready!

1….2…3… BLINK!

The dog is celebrating their love with a bathroom break! Perfect timing!

I found this to be so funny! They drove all the way to Cades Cove, so they can take a family photo next to their car??  

Thanks for ruining the moment, random guy who sees a camera!


I hope it made you laugh, because it sure did me 😉