I am a momma’s girl for sure! My mom is like my best friend. Since I moved 2 hours away from home, she makes a special effort to come visit me at least once a month. I always try to find fun things for us to do. She LOVES flowers so I knew she would love the sunflower field out in downtown Knoxville. I took my camera, try pod and a remote and had some fun. We had a great time being silly and making memories 🙂

Sunflower-field-knoxville-TN-mother-daughter-family-photographer-1 Sunflower-field-knoxville-TN-mother-daughter-family-photographer-2 Sunflower-field-knoxville-TN-mother-daughter-family-photographer-3 Sunflower-field-knoxville-TN-mother-daughter-family-photographer-4 Sunflower-field-knoxville-TN-mother-daughter-family-photographer-5 Sunflower-field-knoxville-TN-mother-daughter-family-photographer-6 Sunflower-field-knoxville-TN-mother-daughter-family-photographer-7 Sunflower-field-knoxville-TN-mother-daughter-family-photographer-8 Sunflower-field-knoxville-TN-mother-daughter-family-photographer-9 Sunflower-field-knoxville-TN-mother-daughter-family-photographer-10 Sunflower-field-knoxville-TN-mother-daughter-family-photographer-11

The sunflowers are in bloom starting late June up till late July. We missed the peak times, but still found lots in bloom. I can’t wait till next year to go out and explore more!