Phillip is my younger brother. He has been growing his hair out for a little over a year now and his hair grows fast. My family and I don’t like his hair long but he does. So one day we hung out for the day and I talked him into getting a hair cut. It was a very big deal because he said he would NEVER cut it.
First, I took him to walmart to get his hair cut, then I took him to JC Pennys to get him a new outfit, then we went to downtown Jonesborough to take some pictures of his new look. We had so much fun being silly together and laughing at each other.
My parents had no idea he did this, so we went home and Phillip ran to his room so no one saw him. I got out his laptop and we played the song “I’m sexy and I know it” by LMFAO and he came strutting in the living room, my mom was so shocked!! It was funny! Later, when my dad came home, we did the same thing to him to show off Phillip’s new haircut.
After all that was done, Phillip went out to go to a friend’s house. He was driving a little to fast and lost control of his car. We got a call from a police officer telling us, Phillip was in a car accident. He was ok, just messed up his car. I felt bad for Phillip because he kept saying “I was having such a good day today”, but God has a plan for Phillip and I am just happy he is ok. That could have been my last day spent with him.