This year my birthday fell on Thanksgiving. It happens every 7 years and I have never been a big fan of it! Since I went to see my family for Thanksgiving, my mom mentioned we should take a family photo for a Christmas card. You would think we would have lots of family pictures of us since I do this all the time, but we don’t. I think the last time we took a picture together was…. I am not sure… 4 years? Maybe?

My mom and I decided on wearing blue for the pictures and we have a great spot we love right down the road from where my parents live. We had the beautiful view, snow on the ground and a cold day to go with it. My family is no different than yours, the boys complained THE WHOLE time, well my dad didn’t. He is pretty easy going but he did say a few times “Just smile and it will be over soon” I think my husband was the worse one complaining, but we got the shot we needed, thanks to a tripod, self timer and me running back and forth to the camera and yelling “SMILE!!!” at the last second! My husband did take most of the other pictures and it was nice for us to do this!


Broyles-Family-open-field-photographer-Jonesboroug-Telford-Limestone-Greeeneville-TN-Photography-mountains-snow-Tri-cities-Kingsport-Johnson-City-Bristol-1 Broyles-Family-open-field-photographer-Jonesboroug-Telford-Limestone-Greeeneville-TN-Photography-mountains-snow-Tri-cities-Kingsport-Johnson-City-Bristol-2 Broyles-Family-open-field-photographer-Jonesboroug-Telford-Limestone-Greeeneville-TN-Photography-mountains-snow-Tri-cities-Kingsport-Johnson-City-Bristol-3 Broyles-Family-open-field-photographer-Jonesboroug-Telford-Limestone-Greeeneville-TN-Photography-mountains-snow-Tri-cities-Kingsport-Johnson-City-Bristol-4 Broyles-Family-open-field-photographer-Jonesboroug-Telford-Limestone-Greeeneville-TN-Photography-mountains-snow-Tri-cities-Kingsport-Johnson-City-Bristol-5 Broyles-Family-open-field-photographer-Jonesboroug-Telford-Limestone-Greeeneville-TN-Photography-mountains-snow-Tri-cities-Kingsport-Johnson-City-Bristol-6 Broyles-Family-open-field-photographer-Jonesboroug-Telford-Limestone-Greeeneville-TN-Photography-mountains-snow-Tri-cities-Kingsport-Johnson-City-Bristol-7

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! I love to do jumping pictures and well, I was happy:)