On Megan’s birthday, they planned a fun weekend in Gatlinburg and wanted to visit Anakeesta! It was a very smoky day and the clouds covered the mountains but it didn’t stop this perfect day from happening! 

Euvy wanted to ask her to marry him in their garden. They are doing some maintenance and work now, but luckily they left the heart arch up. I got a photo from him earlier that morning so I knew what they looked like and when I arrived, we locked eyes and I secretly followed them to the garden.

I just pretended to be a tourist with my camera and as soon as they made it to the heart, he started telling her how much he loved her. I don’t know if she even saw me standing there because she was so involved in Euvy asking her to marry him.

The day was cool and rainy but started to clear up the longer we were there. We had a great time, exploring the tree canopy and taking photos along that trail.

Thank you so much for asking me to be apart of this special memory!

If you are interested in having your proposal captured. Please let me know!