Adam and Jaqulyn have been a couple for 5 years now. They were high school sweethearts. Adam has planned for this moment to be special for awhile. Jaqulyn was hoping he would propose while they were visiting Gatlinburg, but he told her there was no way he could do it right now, so she wasn’t expecting it.

When they reached the top of the Gatlinburg Sky Lift, I was there waiting on them and there were tons of people up top. He found a open area with a great view of the mountains and got down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage. She cried and was definitely shocked! Everyone around yelled and cheered for them! When she saw me taking pictures, she was definitely shocked.

After the proposal we headed to Noah Bud Ogle Farm to do a quick engagement session. The leaves were beautiful this time of the year and we lucked up with having great weather as well.

You guys are so sweet and I am so happy to have met you two! Thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of your engagement memories. I hope you love your pictures!!




Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-1 Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-2 Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-3 Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-4 Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-5 Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-7 Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-8 Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-9 Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-10 Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-11 Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-12 Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-13 Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-14 Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-15 Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-16 Gatlinburg-Sky-Lift-Marriage-proposal-engagement-Photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Smoky Mountains-17