Bob contacted me a couple of months ago with his idea of proposing to his girlfriend while they were with the kids on a jeep ride out on the foothills parkway. I love that road. There are so many great overlooks of the mountains. He had so much detail planned going into this proposal, each kid had a responsibility.

We met up at the overlook and I got out of my car just looking at the mountains and pretending to photograph it. He then approached me asking if I can take a photo of his family. I grabbed her cell phone and took the photo. During that photo, he held up the ring behind her and they pointed at it.

When I handed it back to her, then the kids grabbed their phones trying to get Facebook Live started and cameras ready to video. It was super sweet!! I got to spend some more time with them taking family and couple photos after the proposal.


This was a wonderful and fun surprise to be apart of. If you would like me to capture your proposal.

Please give me a call or text 423-341-1100