Brandon and Becca have been a couple for almost 7 years. Becca planned a get away to Gatlinburg since she just graduated collage. Brandon wanted to propose to his girlfriend in Cades Cove while they were in town before Christmas.

We met up at a gas station in Townsend and I secretly followed them into the park. He wanted to ask her in front of the old mill. He was so nervous because he wasn’t down on one knee but for a few seconds. Becca said she knew he was going to propose, but it was still a beautiful moment for them.

After he popped the question, we walked around Cade’s Cove area and took some fun and formal photos as they are now newly engaged.

Becca’s ring was very beautiful. The center stone is from her grandmother’s wedding ring. She always kept the ring beside her bed. One day she checked on it and it was gone. She was so scared it was stolen, she asked Brandon and he didn’t know then as she was getting ready to call the cops, he told her he took it.

I love being apart of these kind of moments and I hope you guys have a great life together! Thanks for letting me capture this special moment.



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