Brandon has planned this proposal planned for awhile and wanted to make it as special as possible. He wanted to propose somewhere beautiful and semi-private. Brittani has always wanted Brandon to take her to the Smoky Mountains. For years she has asked him to take her and he finally did. Little did she know, he also had a bigger surprise in store for her.

They arrived at Pigeon Forge the night before. Brittani didn’t get much sleep and then woke up early to hike. She was having a hard time making it up to the waterfall, not to mention she was 6 months pregnant.

When they finally reached the waterfall, she didn’t want to go close to it. Brandon didn’t know what to do since that was where he was going to ask her. We were really wondering what to do, but luckily I grabbed her phone and told her I would take a picture of the two of them next to the waterfall.

When he got down on one knee she literally screamed! It was so sweet!  

Because we went so early, we didn’t have anyone around us. We had the whole waterfall to ourselves. Once we got done, we started having tons of families pass us as they were heading up to it.

The trail is full of cute places to stop and take some more photos.

Huge congratulations to these two! They are also expecting a little girl in a few short months!