Proposals are so stressful. I worry about getting there before them. If i can get the right angle and so on. Luckily, this was proposal was so easy and turned out amazing!

Caleb had a plan to go eat a nice dinner at The Melting Pot so, on their way, they decided to take the scenic route and stop at the overlook on the way.

Hayleigh was so surprised by all this planning and a photographer!! I gave him some pointers and he returned to his knee so I could get more shots of the proposal. He did a great job!

After they both have a chance to calm down and take in this amazing moment. I then take the coupe to a cute spot down the road for a fun mini session!

I love being apart of these kinds of moments. I never have a hard time getting them to smile, hug or kiss! That always comes naturally!!

Thanks for having me come out! I hope you have a BLESSED marriage to come!