Casey and Deborah have been together a little over a year. He decided that they were going to have a picnic on Foothills Parkway that morning. They were out enjoying the view and eating.

When I pulled up, he asked her to stand up and started to dance with her. He then dropped down to his knees and asked her to marry him. She was blown away. It was such a beautiful proposal. The view and day was perfect.

She was shocked to see I was also part of the surprise. She didn’t understand how he planned all this but she kept telling him “You did so good!”

I got to spend a few more minutes with them taking some photos with their gorgeous view of the Smokies and getting to know them and their story! They are so sweet! Deborah was shaking the whole time and couldn’t stop smiling!

I love being able to photograph proposals. This one was absolutely beautiful! Thanks for having me come out!