Who says you can’t find love over pumpkin pie? Well, these two met by chance. Jerrica worked at the hospital with Chris’s stepmom. Chris made an amazing Pumpkin Pie and gave it to his stepmom to take to work with her. She shared it with her co-workers. Jerrica loved it and asked for the recipe. She then directed her to message Chris. They talked for a few weeks before their first date.

One year and a half later, we landed here!

The day of their proposal was a mix of trial and error. We planned on meeting at the Space Needle in downtown Gatlinburg, but with maintenance going on, they were closed. We then thought about the Chair Lift since it was close. They were up and running but you couldn’t get off of the lift. So, that wouldn’t work. We were messaging back and forth and I mentioned Anakeesta or Ober. He said “She wanted to go Anakeesta anyways” so we met up there.

There are 2 places that he could ask her with a great view. He chose the arch in the garden. Wouldn’t you know it was under maintenance as well?? As I first spotted them, I walked over towards them, she spotted me and asked if I could take a photo of the two of them. “Sure, I would love to”. I looked at Chris and gave him a wink 😉

I then wandered over to the garden and waited for them to follow. When they arrived. Jerrica asked me to take another photo of them. I said “I was going to see if you wanted me to” After, I took the photo, she was looking at it and then Chris got down on his knee. She cried and laughed all at the same time!!

I am so very happy for these two! I loved getting to know them and sharing in this special day!