Christian has been planning to propose to his girlfriend for awhile. He contacted me months ago and wanted to set something up. He decided for her birthday to give her a Smoky Mountain post card and told her they are going to the Smokies for her birthday! She was so excited.

He wanted to propose to her with some water and while they were doing an activity. They arranged for their first day to be their hiking day. That morning they went on a 4 hour long hike and then had a lunch break then back at it again to Laurel Falls. We decided to meet up at the Sugarlands Visitor Center. He sent me a photo of them and what they were wearing so I got to be all sneaky and spy like. I then followed them into the parking area to start the hiking trail.

I found a spot close to the entrance, but they parked pretty far away. I walked slowly on the trail and then they caught up to me and passed me.


laurell-falls-engagement-proposal-photographer-secret-gatlinburg-smoky-mountains-pigeon-forge-knoxville-hike-1 laurell-falls-engagement-proposal-photographer-secret-gatlinburg-smoky-mountains-pigeon-forge-knoxville-hike-2

The waterfall wasn’t as beautiful as I have saw in the past. We haven’t had a lot of rain so the water is pretty low. They made it to the waterfall before me. I blended in with the crowd and just sat and kept an eye on them. They climbed up to the very top, closer to the waterfall. I was for sure he was going to propose up there, but then they climbed down. They started going down below the rocky area and got closer to the bottom part of the waterfall.


Once they climbed down towards the lower end of the waterfall, I was able to get behind some trees and capture the proposal. 🙂 She was stunned!

laurell-falls-engagement-proposal-photographer-secret-gatlinburg-smoky-mountains-pigeon-forge-knoxville-hike-4 laurell-falls-engagement-proposal-photographer-secret-gatlinburg-smoky-mountains-pigeon-forge-knoxville-hike-5 laurell-falls-engagement-proposal-photographer-secret-gatlinburg-smoky-mountains-pigeon-forge-knoxville-hike-6

As you can see there was a pretty big crowd. They clapped and cheered for them as he proposed!! It was very sweet! He tried to get away from all the people, but they ended up watching 🙂


Afterwards, he pointed me out and she was so happy to see it was caught on camera. We then took a few photos around the waterfall then some on the hike back down.

laurell-falls-engagement-proposal-photographer-secret-gatlinburg-smoky-mountains-pigeon-forge-knoxville-hike-8 laurell-falls-engagement-proposal-photographer-secret-gatlinburg-smoky-mountains-pigeon-forge-knoxville-hike-9 laurell-falls-engagement-proposal-photographer-secret-gatlinburg-smoky-mountains-pigeon-forge-knoxville-hike-10 laurell-falls-engagement-proposal-photographer-secret-gatlinburg-smoky-mountains-pigeon-forge-knoxville-hike-11 laurell-falls-engagement-proposal-photographer-secret-gatlinburg-smoky-mountains-pigeon-forge-knoxville-hike-12 laurell-falls-engagement-proposal-photographer-secret-gatlinburg-smoky-mountains-pigeon-forge-knoxville-hike-13 laurell-falls-engagement-proposal-photographer-secret-gatlinburg-smoky-mountains-pigeon-forge-knoxville-hike-14

They were such a sweet couple! I love being apart of these kinds of things! It makes me so happy! I loved the way it turned out and I know she will remember this day forever! I love she now has photos to go along with her proposal story.