Collin had a very hard time trying to keep this a secret from his long time girlfriend. He knew he wanted to propose in the Smoky Mountains but wasn’t sure where. As he was searching online for ideas, he came across me and then knew it would be a great idea to have the moment captured. I am so glad he did because the proposal happens to quickly!

Once he booked me I was able to provide a lot of ideas on locations, tips and ideas to be sure it went smoothly.

I gave them him the GPS coordinates and we exchanged numbers, selfies and car descriptions. We both arrived right on time and was ready to go. They got out of their car to check out the view and I just hung back at my car. He walked right in front of me and got down on one knee! She was so shocked and excited!!

After the proposal, I introduced myself and she was surprised AGAIN to see he went and hired a photographer!! I let them have a moment then took some fun posed photos for their engagement announcement!!

Thanks for having me come out and be apart of this special moment! I am looking forward to all the wonderful adventures their life will have!