Derek had a great idea! He wanted to proposes to his girlfriend while they were visiting the Smokies. He contacted me a few weeks ago and had the idea of proposing at the Wonders of Magic show at Wonderworks. I was super excited because I know Terry and when Ryan proposed to me it was during a magic show as well.

We called Terry and he made sure they had specific seats so he could use her for a trick. The trick required a ring, Nichole doesn’t wear rings, so Derek bought her a promise ring, just so she had something on her finger for the show. She was very upset it wasn’t an engagement ring.

The trick was a ring in a gum ball machine. He took her ring from her and he turned it into a quarter. He told her the next time you see a gum ball machine, you might get lucky, of course he had her to move a curtain and there was a gum ball machine. He asked her if she had someone with her that could help with the trick. She pointed out Derek and he put the quarter into the machine. She took the container out and then he handed the mic over to him.

He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. The crowd “awed” and applauded. She was oblivious to what was going on. When she saw the ring at first, she was confused because that wasn’t the ring she gave the magician.

wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-1 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-2 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-3 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-4 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-5 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-6 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-7 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-8

Terry was awesome for letting him do this! I loved his idea and was glad it all worked out. We planned on doing a quick engagement after the proposal, but the clouds were super dark so we met up at Dollywood the next day since they planned on going anyways.

wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-9 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-10 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-11 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-12 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-13 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-14 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-15 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-16 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-17 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-18 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-19 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-20 wonders-of-magic-show-wonderworks-marriage-proposal-Dollywood-Pigeon-Forge-Engagement-Photographer-21

We ran all over the park and had a great time taking these engagement photos. I loved doing these pictures at Dollywood. It was super fun and very different. Thank you for asking me to be apart of your memorable day! I wish you guys MANY years of happiness!