First off, props to Doug for coming up with this great idea. They arrived at the Village in Gatlinburg right on time, when we planned on meeting there. He told her he thought it would be fun if they went and looked at some shops and buy something for each other and to meet back at the fountain at 10:30. So, they went off into each shop looking for something for one another. Poor Ali didn’t know that whatever she bought him, he was going to win the challenge. She bought him a wine holder for his lawn chair, he then gives her a homemade photo album with photos of the two of them. As she starts looking through it, her eyes begin to tear up. Doug then gets down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She kept laughing and hugging and kissing him. She definitely was surprised. It took awhile for both of them to calm down and quit shaking. It’s a lot to take in!! We walked around the Village to get some cute fun posed photos of the newly engaged couples!!