Ok, so I know the title is a little different because there is no right or wrong way to ask your girlfriend. BUT because I photograph so many proposals in my area, I have seen some great proposals and I have also seen some proposals not too great.

I know, this is probably the only and first time, you plan on proposing so this is all new. Let me give you some tips I hope you go by.


Take off the shades 

Both of you need to take off your sunglasses. If you are wanting this to be captured on camera. Seeing her eyes get real big, is all part of the experience for you to see as you are down on one knee and it’s also memorable for her to look into your eyes as you are down on one knee. So right before you ask her, take yours off and then tell her to take off hers.

Say your speech while on your knee

Once she realizes you are proposing, being down on your knee is what every girl dreams about when they think about you proposing to them.

Talk slow

Remember, she is totally caught off guard! Her mind is going 100mph. She probably has so much going on in her head that she can’t believe what is happening. So talk slow so she can soak this all in.

Give her time to answer

I have saw guys, be on their knee for literally, 2-3 seconds and jump up to give her a hug. I don’t think she even had time to process what just happened or even answer.

Once you ask her to marry you, give her time to process this and to give you an answer. Don’t be surprised if you have to coach her. I know that sounds weird, but some girls are so shocked and crying that they can’t even speak. Just be patient and stay on your knee.


Once you got the YES!! celebrate by hugging and giving each other a kiss!

Return to knee to put the ring on

I love when I see guys, get back on their knee to put the ring on. It helps me get more of the “proposal” for you.