Hunter wanted to propose to his girlfriend at Friendly Falls in Wears Valley. This was such a fun area. I have passed this restaurant many times and never stopped. They have a great view of a waterfall.

Adrianna loves to make a wish when the clock hits 11:11, so Hunter planned this whole thing out to be perfect. He went on vacation with her family and they planned to stop at Friendly Falls for lunch. They didn’t open until 11:00 so we didn’t have much time to get ready. He scouted the place real quick for the perfect place. I went over next to the waterfall as if I was photographing it and they got in front of me.

When the time hit 11:11 exactly, his brother in law yelled out. The family then appeared that is when he dropped down to his knee. She wasn’t expecting it!! Both of their families appeared with signs that said “It’s 11:11 Make a Wish”

THIS WAS SO UNIQUE!! I loved being apart of this sweet proposal.