Jake proposes to Kelsie | Mynatt Park | Gatlinburg, TN Photographer

WOW! This was such an adventure! Jake contacted me a few weeks ago and said him and his girlfriend was coming to the Smokies for the weekend. He was going to propose to her while they were visiting.

Jake planned on proposing on top of the Space Needle. We arranged a time to meet there and when the day and time came, the Space Needle observation deck was closed due to a high wind advisory. Jake texted me the news right when we were suppose to meet.  I mentioned doing it at the Sky Lift instead, unfortunatley they just did that. I know Jake was in panic mode as I was too! He snuck into the McDonalds restroom to call me and I suggested Mynatt Park. It was very close and he could propose next to the river.

Kelsie wanted to go to the aquarium since they already paid for parking and couldn’t go up to the Space Needle, but Jake had to keep insisting on going to Mynatt Park. He kept telling her there was a waterfall there he wanted to see. She gladly went along with the idea to come.

Kelsie was completly shocked and full of happy tears! Even though it wasn’t how he planned it to go, I don’t think she really cares, as long she gets to spend the rest of her life with him. That is all that matters

Mynatt-Park-Marriage-Proposal-Gatlinburg-TN-Photographer-secret-Pigeon-Forge-TN-Smoky-Mountains-Knoxville-1 Mynatt-Park-Marriage-Proposal-Gatlinburg-TN-Photographer-secret-Pigeon-Forge-TN-Smoky-Mountains-Knoxville-2 Mynatt-Park-Marriage-Proposal-Gatlinburg-TN-Photographer-secret-Pigeon-Forge-TN-Smoky-Mountains-Knoxville-3 Mynatt-Park-Marriage-Proposal-Gatlinburg-TN-Photographer-secret-Pigeon-Forge-TN-Smoky-Mountains-Knoxville-4 Mynatt-Park-Marriage-Proposal-Gatlinburg-TN-Photographer-secret-Pigeon-Forge-TN-Smoky-Mountains-Knoxville-5

I felt so bad about what happened to Jake’s plans, so I spent a little extra time with them to get some fun shots of the two of them out in the park.

Mynatt-Park-Marriage-Proposal-Gatlinburg-TN-Photographer-secret-Pigeon-Forge-TN-Smoky-Mountains-Knoxville-7 Mynatt-Park-Marriage-Proposal-Gatlinburg-TN-Photographer-secret-Pigeon-Forge-TN-Smoky-Mountains-Knoxville-8 Mynatt-Park-Marriage-Proposal-Gatlinburg-TN-Photographer-secret-Pigeon-Forge-TN-Smoky-Mountains-Knoxville-9 Mynatt-Park-Marriage-Proposal-Gatlinburg-TN-Photographer-secret-Pigeon-Forge-TN-Smoky-Mountains-Knoxville-12 Mynatt-Park-Marriage-Proposal-Gatlinburg-TN-Photographer-secret-Pigeon-Forge-TN-Smoky-Mountains-Knoxville-10 Mynatt-Park-Marriage-Proposal-Gatlinburg-TN-Photographer-secret-Pigeon-Forge-TN-Smoky-Mountains-Knoxville-11 Mynatt-Park-Marriage-Proposal-Gatlinburg-TN-Photographer-secret-Pigeon-Forge-TN-Smoky-Mountains-Knoxville-13 Mynatt-Park-Marriage-Proposal-Gatlinburg-TN-Photographer-secret-Pigeon-Forge-TN-Smoky-Mountains-Knoxville-14 Mynatt-Park-Marriage-Proposal-Gatlinburg-TN-Photographer-secret-Pigeon-Forge-TN-Smoky-Mountains-Knoxville-15

Congratulations to you both! I hope you have a very happy life together!