Joey contacted me months ago with the idea of having his mom book me for a photo session and he wanted to propose during it. Joey also wanted her parents to be involved in the surprise so he had her whole family be there for this secret proposal. Her family drove 10 hours to be apart of this!

Joey wanted to propose at Ober due to the beautiful overlook and there was a building her family could hide behind. So, I met up with her family first at Ober Gatlinburg to send them up the chair lift so they could hide.

When it was time for Joey’s family to arrive we headed up ourselves. When we got to the top, we had a great view and NO CROWDS! I took a family photo first and then Joey and Allison. When her family pops out from behind the building, she then knows what’s about to happen.

To help play along with the idea we are there to take family photos, I took the group photo first and then moved on to Joey and Allison. While I was taking their photo, his mom went to grab her family out from hiding.

As soon as she sees them, she then knows something is getting ready to happen.

Joey gave her the sweetest proposal. She always told him she wanted her family to be there when he proposed.

The whole family got to witness this!! It was absolutely adorable! So much planning went into this. We lucked up on so many things, no crowds up at the top, no band singing up there, great weather and a perfect sunset!

Now that the surprise is over, we can take some photos for real 😉 We took group shots and all kinds of family groups.

I then got to spend some one on one time with the newly engaged couple. This was a GREAT surprise! They all got to spend a few days getting to know each other’s families and having fun together.

Thanks again for having me come out to photograph this! I know you two are super excited to start planning your wedding. I wish you two many years of happiness!