Kraig emailed me months before his visit to Gatlinburg and has been carefully planning this whole adventure for Courtney. He rented a beautiful cabin with an amazing view and since it was during their 3 year anniversary he planned on proposing to her. He mentioned they hiked the “Little River Trail” before and thought it would be a great place to pop the question. I have never been to this trail so I mentioned if we could meet at the Sugarlands Visitor Center since it was on the way and let me follow him over. I didn’t want to take a chance on getting lost.  He said he thinks that would work good, they could just stop in to get a park map and then head on over. He wanted to also make sure I would be ready when he got down on one knee so he said “when I drop my walking stick, you will know then I am getting ready to do it”

The day of the proposal, we had beautiful weather which we both were worried about. It was a beautiful and sunny day. I parked close to the entrance of the visitor center and waited and looked for the car he said they were driving to pull in. I got nervous that I would miss them so I went and sat on a bench and then I saw them. He told me what they were wearing and when they came back out of the visitor center I casually got in my car and followed them a good distance to the hiking trail.

Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-1Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-2Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-3Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-4

I stayed a good distance and then he put down his stick and told her to go sit on this rock and they would eat a snack. He then asked her and she was TOTALLY SHOCKED!! He then pointed me out and she couldn’t wrap her head around all this!Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-5Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-7Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-8

When she came back up from the river, she said  “You have some explaining to do!” We then told her all about what went on. Kraig said ” You don’t know how hard it was for me to get her here!” She then said she complained about stopping at the visitor center and she didn’t want to even hike this trail because they already done it and she thought it was stupid to bring the walking sticks” SO FUNNY!

Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-6Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-9Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-10

Not only did he give her a surprise on their anniversary, but she had some surprises of her own! She had him reach into the backpack and she gave him a card! She got them tickets to go zip lining at Wahoo Ziplines. He was so excited! She said he has been talking about wanting to do it.

Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-11Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-12

After we left the trail we stopped at a few mountain overlooks in Gatlinburg. We got some great shots too!

Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-13

Kraig was so prepared! He had several outfits for Courtney to choose from. He said he threw a bunch in the car while she was getting ready this morning.

We went over to Emerts Cove to finish up their session. They are such love birds! I didn’t have to tell them to much to do. They were such natural sweethearts to one another!

Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-14Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-15Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-16Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-17Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-18

Courtney just got her ring literally an hour ago and she got her hand wet and shook it and her ring went flying into the river! Luckily Kraig saw it and rescued it! Talk about a heart attack. When I took this picture I had no idea what he was doing.

Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-19Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-20Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-21Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-22Marriage-proposal-on hiking trail-secret-photographer-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Sevierville-wedding-will-you-marry-me-engagement-session-Emerts-Cove-photography-Knoxville-23

I had so much fun hanging out with you guys and getting to share in such a special day with you two! I wish you guys many many years of happiness.