Mario booked me a few weeks ago about wanting me to capture his proposal. He wanted to propose in Cade’s Cove at one of their cabins. I suggest John Oliver Cabin since it was the first one you pass on the loop. The day finally came and we met up. He had their family and friends with them who witnessed the proposal. Kendall was blown away by the surprise. I love being

The day finally came and we met up. Since Cades Cove doesn’t have any cell phone service. We secretly met up at a gas station in Townsend. I knew what they were driving and saw them pull in to get gas. His grandmother didn’t know any better and comes up to my car to talk to me. I was like ” Oh no!” but Kendall didn’t even notice.

Once we arrived, I just went ahead of them and waited for them to catch up. They had their family and friends there to watch and it went great.

Kendall was definitely blown away by the proposal. She said her friends kept telling her that he was going to propose. Luckily, she blocked that out of her head. I am so glad she did. It was a wonderful surprise!!

I gave Kendall come time to breathe, and take all this in. We then walked around the area and took some cute photos of the newly engaged couple!!

His mom brought a dress for her to wear for a few more photos. They are all so sweet!!

I love being apart of a proposal. There is so much involved in the planning, but the final result is all that matters!