Michael and Tedra have been a couple for 5 years!! When they first came to the Smokies as a couple, one of their dates was riding the Ferris Wheel at The Island. He thought that would be special to propose in front of it.

He dropped her off and then went to park his car. He called to let me know they were there and we exchanged photos to identify one another. When he returned, he then asked her if she wanted to get a photo with the fall decor, she said yes and found a couple to take it. The funny thing is, he walked up to me and asked me to take it instead, lol That poor couple haha!

I took it on his cell phone and handed it back, he then asked her to come back over to the spot and asked her to marry him. She was blown away. She dropped to her knees immediately and started crying! It was so sweet and very special. I then took them around the area for more photos.