Mike + Caitlin | New Found Gap Over Look | Smoky Mountain Photographer

Mike and Caitlin spent a few days out in Maggie Valley North Carolina. He thought they would ride down to Gatlinburg and stop at the overlook on New Found Gap road. I arrived earlier and saw when they pulled in. Mike was walking around trying to find the best spot. I kept a close eye on them and then when he went back to his truck to get his phone, that was when I knew he was ready. I walked slowly by them and Caitlin asked me to take a photo of the two of them on her phone. I gladly did and just stood there till he asked.

It was a super sweet proposal. I teared up myself. I also have to say that Mike did everything right! He had her to take her sunglasses off and got back down on his knee to put the ring on her hand. I was totally impressed.

Caitlin, couldn’t believe this was happening! She was in shock for awhile. Afterward, we walked around the area and took some fun shots.