This was a very cute proposal at Laurell Falls. This beautiful waterfall is a short hike in Gatlinburg overlooking our Smoky Mountains. Nick didn’t give Sierra much notice they were going to hike this trail. He “just so happen” to pass it and wanted to go see the falls. Sierra wasn’t prepared as she was wearing a dress and sandals, but little did she know that there was a huge surprise waiting for her up there.


Once we made it to the very top, we noticed there was a lot of people up there. Nick waited for the falls to clear then asked me to take a photo of him and his girlfriend. I grabbed his camera and turned it on video and held his phone and snapped away on my camera as he proposed to her.

She had a great reaction!! She was blown away! The crowd cheered for them and even grabbed photos of the two of them. They were local celebrities.

After the shock wore off, I introduced myself and let her in on the surprise that this whole thing got captured.

I took a few photos of the two of them as we headed back down the trail. It was nice to hear their story and get to know them a little better.

Congratulations to you guys! Thanks for letting me capture this big moment for you.