O’Neil and Aaliyah wanted to have both of their families get together to meet one another and knew the Smoky Mountains would be the perfect place to do that. They figured since the whole family was together, this would also be the perfect time to propose. O’Neil contacted me with his idea and I made it happen! I photograph tons of proposals, but this one I was so nervous for. It was up to me, not to give it away!

When they arrived, I did a few family photos with them. Then, I told them I had a fun idea, I handed them signs and told them not to look at it. After the photo, I hurried and took the signs back.

Halfway through the session, I took Aaliyah for a few individual shots. I had her to turn around and look at the mountains. O’Neil grabbed the ring box and got down on one knee. It was perfect!! She was blown away and speechless!  

The family knew he was going to propose, so they did a great job keeping it together until it happened!! We then showed her and the family what the signs said they thought that was so creative and sweet.

After everyone congratulated them and Aaliyah was able to breathe and soak in the moment. I then took a few posed photos of the two of them.

After the session, O’Neil reserved a beautiful private room for them at The Park Grill for them to have dinner. He arranged for the place to be decorated when they arrived. He did an amazing job!!

Congratulations on your engagement! I am so happy for you two! Thanks for having me to photograph it.