Steven has been planning this proposal for a while. He contacted me and wanted to have it captured. He knew they planned on going to Ober and wanted to ask her on top of the chairlift. The day finally came and they are heading into town. I saw the hourly forecast that it was supposed to rain at the time we set for 6:00pm. I messaged him and asked if there was any way to move it sooner. We agreed on 3:00. You always know that issues arise. He was trying hard to make it by 3:00 but didn’t get there till 3:45. We still had no rain coming our way, so we headed up the lift. Once we got to the top, no one else was up there. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She loved it! She was so happy and shocked. She loved that it was caught on camera too! After we started taking a few photos around the area, they informed us they were closing down the lift due to rain coming in. We really lucked up and got to have it with great weather.