The blizzard of 2014! It didn’t start to snow at my house until last night, and overnight we got 6 inches. It is beautiful outside! As soon as I woke up, I knew I wanted to get pictures in the snow! Ryan had to work so I was home alone. I haven’t photographed in the snow before and I really wanted to take some pictures so I got out my tripod, dressed warm and hoped for the best. I set my camera to “TV” mode which stands for “Time Value” or “Shutter Speed”. This allows me to control the shutter speed and worked best at 1/80. My Fstop was usually at 22 and ISO set to 800. I did have to tweak things here and there as I moved locations but for the most part it worked.

I love this large tree I have in my backyard and took several with that as my background. To set my camera on a 10 sec self timer, I would hit the “AF Drive” button and held it and turned the big dial until it set it on there. You can set it for 2 secs, Continuos shooting, or single shooting as well. Most of the time I had it on continuos shooting.

Snow-blizzard-self-portrait-photographer-Photography-selftimer-Seymour-Sevierville-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Knoxville-TN-1 Snow-blizzard-self-portrait-photographer-Photography-selftimer-Seymour-Sevierville-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Knoxville-TN-2

For my jumping picture, I wasn’t sure it it was able to capture me up in the air, but with me jumping at the right time it did manage to keep me in the air.


If you plan on taking your own pictures with a tripod, be sure to know what you want before you push the button. I would take a picture of myself then look at it and think – “Maybe if I looked away or moved to the left a little.” You have to keep trying until you get the results you want.

Snow-blizzard-self-portrait-photographer-Photography-selftimer-Seymour-Sevierville-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Knoxville-TN-4 Snow-blizzard-self-portrait-photographer-Photography-selftimer-Seymour-Sevierville-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Knoxville-TN-5

I used all kinds of things in my backyard for props – our neighbors’ fence, trees and an open lot behind us that was beautiful.

I did get a workout and I wasn’t cold at all! I moved around so much and kept trying to capture what I wanted. It took several tries so don’t give up – keep at it! I pointed the tripod down and lowered the legs and knew exactly where my head was going to be before I went to lay down. I had a “Sarah” imprint on the ground so I wasn’t getting to wet.

Snow-blizzard-self-portrait-photographer-Photography-selftimer-Seymour-Sevierville-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Knoxville-TN-6 Snow-blizzard-self-portrait-photographer-Photography-selftimer-Seymour-Sevierville-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Knoxville-TN-7

I changed my clothes once and had so much fun! I pointed the camera down and was pretty close to the lens. This time it was easy and I didn’t do much running.

Snow-blizzard-self-portrait-photographer-Photography-selftimer-Seymour-Sevierville-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Knoxville-TN-8 Snow-blizzard-self-portrait-photographer-Photography-selftimer-Seymour-Sevierville-Pigeon-Forge-Gatlinburg-Knoxville-TN-9

I did manage after several tries to get a picture of my dogs, Macks and Trixie, together and looking at me! They hate snow and being dressed up, but they are just TOO CUTE!


When I uploaded the pictures on the computer, I basically just brought up the contrast and sharpened the images, everything else looked good!

I hope you don’t feel like I am being conceided with taking pictures of myself, but we all take selfies, I just wanted mine to be unique 🙂

Get your camera out! Take pictures of your kids, dogs, family, friends or even YOU!

Stay warm!