Where did the tradition come from that you can’t see each other before the wedding?

I have wondered that same thing, I did some research and found out that it came from arranged marriages. Back in the day, fathers would pick the ‘right’ man for his daughter depending on his wealth, land, and religion. They would go to great lengths to make sure they didn’t see each other because if he didn’t think she was pretty or vice versa they would back out of the wedding. Even, when she walked down the aisle, she was covered from head to toe and wore a veil to cover her face (that is where the veil comes from).

Now, I assumed you have met each other before so why can’t you see each other before the wedding? We all understand a tradition is a tradition, but you and your bride/groom are very important and getting all the pictures that are needed takes time and if we can not rush your wedding day, the happier you will be 🙂

Reasons why you should do a first look

Please don’t feel like in any way that I will get mad if you don’t want to see each other. Here is just some reasons you might have not thought about.

1-Your guest won’t be sitting around waiting for you to arrive.   It sometimes can take 45 mins to an hour after the wedding to get all the pictures. You have family pictures, bridal party, and newlywed photos to do after the wedding. If you do a first look,  you won’t miss any of your reception.

2- You get alone time! I try to make the first time he sees you special. We try to go some where secluded and I have the groom to keep his back turned and then when you get behind him, he turns around and gets to see his bride. You guys can talk to each other and you can actually hear him say “You look so pretty”. When you see each other the traditional way, you only get to talk to each other with looks, you can’t really “talk” privately and you have so many people around and then after the wedding you have so much going on. You forget to have a moment of just you two.

Reasons why you should do a first look on your wedding day-1 Reasons why you should do a first look on your wedding day

3- It calms you down. I have photographed a lot of weddings and when the bride or the groom sees each other their nerves are so much better and they start to enjoy the day. I once had a girl so nervous she was getting sick to her stomach, but after she had her first look she felt fine.

4-You get to spend so much more time together on your wedding day. If your wedding is in the later afternoon, you don’t even get to see each other till you walk down the aisle. This day is about you two.

Reasons why you should do a first look on your wedding day-2

5-You look your BEST! You are freshly ready from the salon with your hair and makeup photo ready. After you take all the pictures you are involved in, you will have some down time to retouch your make up and relax before the ceremony.


I know most brides want to stay hidden from the groom for his reaction when she walks down the aisle. If your groom is an emotional person, and you did a first look, he will still have tears in his eyes and so will you. It is a very emotional time walking down the aisle.

This is YOUR Wedding day! Make it your own. Be different!