I was contacted by Mia several months before her wedding. She knew she wanted to have a small wedding in the Smoky Mountains. I was so excited to see her family again. I photographed her mom’s proposal several years ago in Cades Cove. It was so great they thought of me to be their photographer again

Let me tell you a funny story that they will never forget! So, Vic and Mia rented a cabin out in the Gatlinburg area. They planned on having their ceremony out in front of their cabin. When they arrived, they noticed the cabin next door to them was vacant and had a great place to set up. They decided to have their ceremony there. Once it was set up and 10 mins before the ceremony was to begin, the family that rented that cabin has now arrived. YIKES!

Luckily, they were very kind. Mia’s family helped them unload the car. The family was of an aunt with several of her nieces and nephews. They planned on going out to dinner anyway and just wanted to drop off their things. The ceremony was postponed due to all of this.

It turned out to be an amazing wedding. I loved all the cute details Mia added to her day. She put red blankets on the chairs in case guest got cold. I loved incorporating their dogs as well into some wedding photos.