Can you imagine waking up on your wedding day sick? That was the case for Gena! She was not feeling good at all and was not in the mood to get ready. Her bridesmaids helped her as much as they could and luckily, we had it planned to do most of the pictures before the wedding. So after she got ready, she was going to be seeing Wes for the first time. After she saw Wes, she felt much better. They laughed and was so cute together.
The wedding took place in Brevard North Carolina, about an hour outside of Asheville. All of her family and friends drove out just for Wes and Gena! They had a great turn out and lots of fun at the reception. One of the funny things that happened is the camp they got married at, has the state line run though the middle, so they had the ceremony on the South Caronlina side and we went on the other side of the building to get a picture of them with the minister for the North Carolina side. It was funny and a great idea. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Young_Life_Camp_Wedding_Photographer_Asheville_Brevard_NC Young_Life_Wedding_Ceremony_Asheville_NC Asheville_Wedding_Photographer_Photography_Brevard_Young Life_Camp Asheville_Wedding_Photographer_Young_Life_Camp_Brevard_NC Brevard_NC_Young_Life_Camp_Wedding_Photographer Brevard_NC_Wedding_Photographer_Asheville_Young_Life_Wedding_Camp Wedding_Photographers_in_Asheville_NC_Young_Life_Camp Asheville_Wedding_Photographers_in_Brevard_NC_Ceremony_Mountain_View_Young_Life_camp Brevard_NC_Wedding_Photographer_Young_Life_Camp_Asheville_NC Bridal_Party_Brevard_NC_Asheville_Wedding_Photographer_Young_Life_Camp Wedding_Ceremony_Asheville_Mountain_View_Photographer_Photography Asheville_NC_Wedding_Photographer_Young_Life_Camp Young_Life_Camp_Wedding_Photographer_Brevard_Asheville_NC Young_Life_Camp_Asheville_NC_Wedding_Photographer Asheville_NC_wedding_Photography_Photographer_Brevard_NC_Young_Life_camp Wedding_Photographers_In_Asheville_NC_Brevard_Young_Life_Camp