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A Look Back At The Funnest Photos of 2017

All year I have collected some funny photos from all the sessions I have done over this year. I always give my clients all of their photos, but I will delete photos that are duplicates, blurry, someone blinked or it is just all over BAD! This cute little boy I have photographed before. He is […]


Mother Daughter Portraits | Sunflower Field Mini Session | Knoxville TN Photographer

I am a momma’s girl for sure! My mom is like my best friend. Since I moved 2 hours away from home, she makes a special effort to come visit me at least once a month. I always try to find fun things for us to do. She LOVES flowers so I knew she would […]


New Year – New Logo

I am so excited to have my new logo! I did like my other logo, but I was ready for a change. Michael Eaton designed it for me and did a wonderful job! He sent me so many logos to proof and I love the finish look! If you guys need a logo design, I would […]


My Family | Open Field | Jonesborough, TN Photographer

This year my birthday fell on Thanksgiving. It happens every 7 years and I have never been a big fan of it! Since I went to see my family for Thanksgiving, my mom mentioned we should take a family photo for a Christmas card. You would think we would have lots of family pictures of […]


30 Things I am Thankful for

I have noticed that during the month of November, my friends on Facebook will post one thing each day that they are thankful for. I decided to do it all at once! 1- Thankful for being a child of God! I don’t have to serve God, but I choose to! He loves me unconditionally and forgives […]


My 28th Birthday | Atlanta, GA

Well, It is that time again! It is my birthday. I had a great birthday. My husband had to work so my mom took me to Atlanta for the day. We went to my favorite store Ikea and then to the mall. I had a great time! Ryan decorated the house which was so very […]


How our stolen laptop was returned to us by the thief!

I have been very excited to tell this story. I woke up last night thinking about how amazing God worked. Some of you may or may not know but recently my husband had his mac book pro laptop stolen. This laptop wasn’t much of a personal laptop, but more used for business. My husband, Ryan […]


My brother gets a haircut!

Phillip is my younger brother. He has been growing his hair out for a little over a year now and his hair grows fast. My family and I don’t like his hair long but he does. So one day we hung out for the day and I talked him into getting a hair cut. It […]


Coming Out of My Shell

If you was to know me when I was a little girl, I was the girl who sat in the back of the class because I was afraid the teacher would ask me a question and make me somehow speak in front of the class. I was the shy girl and to this day I […]